America We Need to Talk

By: Joel Berg

How did we get here, America? How did our relationship get so broken? And where do we go now? Starting with the premise that Americans most important relationship is with their nation, Joel Berg’s second book, America We Need to Talk: A Self-Help Book for the Nation, makes a case for how we must both stop blaming the nation’s problems solely on “the politicians” or “the system” and take personal responsibility to solve them. Written as both a hilarious parody of relationship and self-help books and a deadly serious analysis of the nation's political and economic dysfunction, the book dissects how Donald Trump and other Republicans won over white, working-class voters, and includes a concrete plan to win them back, and well as a broader roadmap for reducing poverty, bolstering the middle class, and powering an overall progressive resurgence.

As an acclaimed author, a frequent voice in the national media, and the outspoken CEO of the nonprofit group Hunger Free America, Joel Berg is a respected international leader in the fields of hunger, poverty, food, and US politics. Through his biting critique, clear-headed prescriptions, and amusing charts—this book shows how average Joes and Janes can channel their anger at our hobbled government into concrete actions that will fix our democracy, make our economy work for everyone, and restore our stature in the world as a beacon of freedom, diversity, and hope. The American people are in it for the long haul, and, as in all relationships, both sides must recognize their issues and work together to fix them. This book will do more than offer comfort for sobbing progressives—it will show the path to redemption

Praise For America We Need to Talk

This book it is both important and entertaining. We need both — I’ve never seen the political world so sad, so foolish. So dangerous. Your book will certainly help.
— Toni Morrison
A timely take-no-prisoners argument for sane and humane policies by the master truth-teller, Joel Berg. Been wondering how we can really make America great again? Read this book.
— Tom Colicchio, chef, TV judge, activist
Fearless and compulsively readable, America, We Need to Talk will make you laugh, think and snort coffee through your nose. Joel Berg is that irascible uncle who speaks the unmentionable truth at family dinners. You may squirm, but secretly you’re glad he’s there.
— Lori Silverbush, filmaker, activist
Joel Berg has done it again with another book to challenge policy makers and Americans to think boldly and creatively about how to solve some of the biggest issues facing our nation. Joel won’t rest until we end hunger and poverty once and for all. And, quite frankly, we need more people like him.
— Congressman Jim McGovern (D-MA)
In AMERICA WE NEED TO TALK: A SELF HELP BOOK FOR THE NATION, Joel Berg combines wit, dogged research, and insight based on decades of on-the-ground experience to drill down deeply on issues vital to all Americans. His call for more civility in our modern public discourse, as well as his proposals for wholesale social change based on centrist policies and mainstream values, deserve particular attention. While we may not concur on all his critiques and solutions, we surely should agree that the issues he raises demand wide-spread consideration and debate.
— Dan Glickman, former U.S. Secretary of Agriculture and U.S. Congressman
Joel Berg puts America on the couch for some tough-love therapy. It’s a witty, acerbic and passionate unraveling of our country’s twisted feelings about race, poverty and social responsibility.
— Will Marshall, President, Progressive Policy Institute
When I was still alive, I wrote. ‘One should never use exclamation points in writing. It is like laughing at your own joke.’ But AMERICA WE NEED TO TALK is such an insightful knee-slapper, when I praise it, I just can’t restrain myself!!!!!!!!!! It will do for self-help parodies what Huckleberry Finn did for Mississippi River rafting and anti-slavery satire. I wish I could come back from the dead just so I can read it while alive. The only thing greater than Joel’s world class writing is his profound modesty. Though, I must say, Joel’s satire has one built-in advantage I never had: Donald Trump.
— Mark Twain’s ghost
Our relationship was totally on the rocks until we purchased a copy (at full price) of Joel Berg’s AMERICA WE NEED TO TALK. It is a riveting page-turner and we read it in one binge-reading weekend, turning off Game of Thrones just to do so. Joel’s book was exactly the political and policy tough love – laced with razor sharp humor – that we needed. We took Joel Berg’s advice in this book, we lived happily ever after, although sometimes I (the Statue of Liberty) am still green with envy and I (Uncle Sam) are red, white, and blue with sadness. But still, Joel’s book saved us – and all of America.
— Uncle Sam and the Statue of Liberty